A very palace wind Slim shirt and a coach purse, three-dimensional stitching to create golden like the ideal curve, every splices are supplemented with lace embellishment, as if the ancient aristocratic dress like a fine. But as it brings handsome double-breasted side. Whether with a gentle cool pants or skirt have a great feel! Summer wind mixed with a hint of sweat salty taste, so naturally sweet girls like flies to uncomfortable. How to do? Put sweet style attire, wear sweet little girl line card in the air-conditioned room holding sweet watermelon, indescribably refreshing, now, please call me sweet little girls - big wave point dot the light gauze, and reveals a little girl's lovely atmosphere, playful and lively, maybe even get "Scarab" This naughty nickname Oh!

Highlights the layered double fabric, breathable mesh increases cool comfort, is the Department of the slim waist bow, spent in watermelon red dress of coach purse outlet as sweet as watermelon white cool summer it gives a sober and elegant and tranquil quiet temperament, mindful, youth from now, ladies and temperament type suitable for girls. Irregular distribution of small dots and little stars covered the entire skirt, with a hint of being so simple and playful. Convex modified version of the type can be a good physique, double flounced cuffs are not very chic it?

In color this family, if White is pure fairy, pink necessarily sweet Linjiaxiaomei, and dressed in a pink dress instantly render your "sweet" temperament, not too much decoration can be very pink. Short in front long coach skirt showing a dovetail shape, details are also full of design sense. Floral is a sweet little girls favorite, colorful, lush bloom bright, looks pleasant mood. The most simple and convenient summer outfit, T-shirts short skirts or shorts, cool breathable and fresh and pleasant, to MM who prefer leisure recommend this fashion chiffon culottes, did not worry emptied oh.