Field 14 - Ultimate Air
Ultimate Air is just that...Ultimate What your looking at is basically a speed ball type of field that uses over sized ballons as bunkers. This field uses the self contained bunkers so there is no air tubes to trip over when playing. The play on this field can be anywhere between a super fast paced shoot,cover, and move game to a fairly slow paced game where everyone picks a bunker and just sticks there head out long enough to shoot at another bunker they think someone is behind. The fast paced games are what make this field Ultimate!
  image not available
image not available Shoot of the center section of the field. When playing a flag game this is the area that the flag would start off at. Notice in this shoot the player beside the far tall ballon waiting for closer player to stick his marker or head out. image not available Player moving around the field to get a better position.
image not available Players doubled up behind a ballon ready to cover and move. image not available Here is a good example of keeping yourself and your marker in tight to make the smallest possible target for the other team.

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