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About This Site:
The primary navigation of this site is in the menu located towards the top of the page. It contains both standard hover links and menu items to access all the web pages on this site. Standard text links are also located on the very bottom of the web pages for users of older browsers that might not support the use of java appletes.
But how do I get around? Read below for the types of links and definition of the different types of links.

Links - A link no matter how it is implemented is a way to get from one web page to another. The basic type that are commonly used are hover buttons, menu links, text links, and picture links. A link can come in many different shapes, sizes, or looks. It is easy to identify a link because the cursor will usually change from an arrow to a hand.

Hover Links - Hover links change color or shape as you hover over them. Once the change has occured, then left mouse click on the area that looks different than the other hover links.

Menu Links - Menu link have arrows next to the text to indicate to you that a menu will pop up. Once the menu has popped up either click on the item you want to go to or follow the arrows to more menu items. If an arrow doesn't open another menu, then the pages it is suppose to reference aren't complete yet.
Text Links - Text links are underlined text. When the mouse pointer hovers over the text the arrow will change to a pointing hand. When that occurs, you can click on the text and it will direct you to another related web page.

Problems With This Site:
If you have had any problems with links or the operation of this web site. (such as errors or pages that will not display) Please email hi-tec web support at the following email address.

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