Photo Gallery 4
What NOT 2 DO:
This gallery is dedicated to showing you what not to do. Oh I'm sure there will be more picture galleries like this, it is just a matter of catching it on film or disk if your the digital type.

image not available Field 14 - Ultimate Air, this NOT TO DO isn't overly obvious. But look to the left where the hopper is just sitting above the bunker. Remember in most games if your hopper gets it, your out of the game. image not available Well I'd say that your not suppose to get paint on you, but this one just needed to be here. BTW: getting it in the mask doesn't hurt at all, it is just messy and doesn't taste so good.
image not available DO NOT sit around with your marker down. (look at the next photo) image not available This is the results of leaving your marker on your lap and not ready.

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