Basic Field Rules
  • The operators and the ref's have the final say.
  • No physical contact or verbal abuse allowed.
  • All markers must be chronographed in at a max of 285 fps before use in play.
  • All markers MUST have a barrel plug or barrel bag at all times when not on the field. (and even then they are left on until the 30 seconds till game starts is called)
  • Approved face and eye protection must be worn at ALL times when entering the path to the playing fields and in the practice area.

    Basic Paintball Rules
    Rather than rewriting the paintball rules, please visit some of the informational websites. Several of them have great newbie areas that explain what to expect. They also have rules listed for the different kinds of play. You can get to the links page by clicking on the menu Fun Stuff and then click on Paintball Links or by CLICKING HERE.

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