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What 2 Look 4:
If you'd like a jump on what to look for when playing, train your eyes on some of the photos below. You can get use to seeing what you'll need to before you get on the field. This area should be able to help you decide on what not to wear. If it is obvious and easy to see in a picture, well it is also easy to see when playing unless if your pretty good.

image not available We will start off easy, if you can't see what to shoot at in this picture you might want to re-think your sport of choice. image not available It should be easy to see the target in this picture. Can you say white shirt on blue bunker?
image not available Field 5a - He is probably tucked in better than it looks from the camera angle. BUT if he isn't wow what a target. image not available Field 5a - Now this is getting a little harder. This is a good example of not showing anything more than what you need to when shooting over a bunker.
image not available Field 5a - Good example of not popping out in the same spot more than once. He popped out the top last picture, now to the left and still tucked in well. image not available Field 5a - Now I wouldn't call that tucked in to good if I would have only had a paintball marker in hand vs. a camera.
image not available Field 5a - Now this guy behind the barrels in the shadow would be hard to see until he got a shot off, then you'd hear him...if it wasn't to late because you just got put out of the game. image not available Field 5a - Another hard to see player when the game is on. Notice how the mask and hopper don't blend though.
image not available Field 5a - And he was doing so good till he nearly stood up and said SHOOT ME. image not available Field 5a - Yes believe it or not, some day in some game you'll probably see a player just walking down a path not quite ready for anything.

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